Super Dungeon Explore – Rattlebones


This was my first time doing serious mass painting, 12 models at once. Helped that they nice simple models that could be mainly airbrushed and finished with a oil wash.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Prime black from below and light grey from above (zenithal)
  2. Pre-shade the sides, back and front of skull dark brown from below (adds some colour variety)
  3. Little base coat of skeleton bone over model, leaving only deepest recesses black
  4. Highlight white from top
  5. Brush coat trousers with dark shade of colour (easier to avoid messing airbrushed bone)
  6. Airbrush trouser highlight on knees, side and back from above
  7.  Paint eyes, shading dark green then light green to white, I used a cocktail stick to get white pupil spot and coloured with fluorescent green
  8. Brush base black
  9. Brush raised base areas dark off-black
  10. Airbrush white in middle of base stones
  11. Gloss coat
  12. Oil wash black the recesses and folds (used about 20 cotton buds to clean up)
  13. Matt varnish to seal and finish

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