Infinity – Nomad Alguaclies

Did a test mini for my Nomad models to try out the red armour.


Armour and skin steps:

  1. Prime black and zenithal light coats of light grey
  2. Face/skin, spray underneath with Charred brown, 0->80 degrees with bronzed skintone, 0-20 degrees with pale flesh then blend in the tones with thinned Dwarf flesh
  3. Cover skin
  4. Start armour, cover all but raised areas with Scarlet red, then cover rest with Bloody red then spot highlight extreme areas with white
  5. Blend in highlighted areas with thinned bloody red to bring back the red
  6. Shade recesses with 50/50 mix of Scarlet red and Charred brown

IMG_20150716_185623 IMG_20150716_192044 IMG_20150716_192453 IMG_20150716_192928

Rest was my normal of base coating, seal, oil wash, seal, then highlights.

Base from Sedition Wars:


  1. Prime black and spray off black
  2. Spray panels dark green, then highlight with goblin green and livery green
  3. Base coat with grey, yellow and white on areas in base
  4. Seal with gloss
  5. Oil wash recesses to shade
  6. Seal

More photos:

IMG_20150728_101228 IMG_20150728_101215


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