Infinity – Combined Army Unidrons, Ikadron and Imetron

More Combined, mostly the same methods as my Fraacta and Worms, nmm armour and extreme highlighted green with purple trimming.


To do the skin/tentacle I used a slightly different method:

  1. Base with dark green
  2. First highlight with goblin green
  3. Second adding a bit of white
  4. Blend into white areas Vallejo Fluorescent Green
  5. For the top of tentacle where I could easily spray I did 2-4 again with airbrush again to enhance
  6. Seal with gloss
  7. Several thin washes with Pledge magic wash dark green and black to blend in tones and shade recesses

:IMG_20150719_214850 IMG_20150719_215547

More photos:

IMG_20150728_100921 IMG_20150728_100938 IMG_20150728_100954 IMG_20150728_101015 IMG_20150728_101023 IMG_20150728_101034 IMG_20150728_101256 IMG_20150728_101308 IMG_20150728_101323 IMG_20150728_101339 IMG_20150728_101351 IMG_20150728_101401 IMG_20150728_101411 IMG_20150728_101432 IMG_20150728_101437 IMG_20150728_101453 IMG_20150728_101512 IMG_20150728_102059


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