Super Dungeon Explore – out of order minis


Got bored and couldn’t focus on finishing my chocobo knights, but these minis really caught my attention. I was able to paint them really quickly by mainly airbrush alone.

For the plant girl:

  1. Prime black
  2. Thin base coat with Alien purple on leaves and pre-shade recesses of skin
  3. Thin base coat on skin with deep blue
  4. Highlight skin with Electric blue on raised areas
  5. Pick out extreme highlights and ends of leaves with white
  6. Vallejo fluorescent magenta on the tips of leaves
  7. Vallejo fluorescent purple to blend in the magenta into the darker purple
  8. Vallejo fluorescent blue on the white skin to blend into the rest of the blue
  9. Use brush to paint eyes black and pupils white

For the pets it was just basic red/white/black tones and oil washes to pick out recesses.

More photos:

IMG_20150710_190138 IMG_20150710_190146 IMG_20150710_190201 IMG_20150710_190209 IMG_20150710_190220 IMG_20150710_190233 IMG_20150710_190236 IMG_20150710_190240 IMG_20150710_190251 IMG_20150710_190258 IMG_20150710_190303


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