Infinity – Combined Army – Dr Worm and remotes


Really like how the NMM and the skin tones turned out and blending in the two skin tones on each half of the Doc was surprising easy with airbrush.


  1. Prime grey
  2. Dark skin tone (Deep blue or Angel green) on the bottom and recesses
  3. Mid skin tone blending in the dark leaving the top alone (Electric blue and Goblin green)
  4. White on top and areas I want highlighted
  5. Fluorescent blue/green on white to blend in
  6. Gloss coat to protect
  7. Brush on off black on metal
  8. Blue tac skin to cover
  9. Light grey NMM highlight on selected areas
  10. Light white NMM extreme highlight on selected areas
  11. Gloss coat to protect
  12. Oil wash black in recesses
  13. Gloss to seal oil
  14. Brush edge NMM highlights of grey and white on metal edges
  15. Brush highlights on skin and other parts
  16. Matt varnish to reduce shine
  17. Paint eyes red (createx red with slight gloss)

More pictures:

IMG_20150710_185914 IMG_20150710_185934 IMG_20150710_185940 IMG_20150710_185949 IMG_20150710_190007 IMG_20150710_190107 IMG_20150710_190115


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