Super Dungeon Explore set 3 finished



I was very slow with this set, didn’t work on them for several days then finished it all in a spurt of painting over the weekend.

Highlights would be the Treant and the Centaurs hair. Both were mostly airbrushed, the purple to pink of the Tree monsters bark/moss worked brilliantly and the green of the Centaur hair came out incredibly vivid. Love the Vallejo fluorescents.

My technique was to:

  1. pre-shade recesses with a dark shade of purple/green
  2. spray the main colour over nearly everything that isn’t a highlight area
  3. shade again to increase contrast
  4. highlight with mostly white and a little of the colour
  5. finally glaze the white with a very thin coat of the colour to bring the white back down and blend into the rest

Got lots of practise doing the non-metallic metal of the chests and I think I improved a lot.IMG_20150531_132705

One thing I learned was not to try and blend the yellow of the gold into the layers, it just looks green. Instead I used brown to white layers and then glazed over them with thin coats of yellow until the colour is right.

More pictures:

IMG_20150531_194406 IMG_20150531_194414 IMG_20150531_194433 IMG_20150531_194441 IMG_20150531_194448 IMG_20150531_194324


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