Super Dungeon Explore set 2 finished

Second set down!


Not so happy with the Bramble Knights eyes and how the oil washing went with them. The orange colour works but not really for the eyes and I messed up the OLS so it really doesn’t look like a glowing effect. Might go back at the end and redo that area, using a darker green around the eyes and in the eyes light purple blending into white at the centre.

I really like how the plant monster turned out, nice vivid colours and the oil wash shaded the texture on the heads much better than it worked on the leaves.

The goat is adorable, very simple and give me some more practise with gold nmm. The oil wash really made the eyes pop out.

Additional Photos:

IMG_20150522_001219 IMG_20150522_001225 IMG_20150522_001231 IMG_20150522_001238 IMG_20150522_001250 IMG_20150522_001216-ANIMATION IMG_20150522_001305 IMG_20150522_001310 IMG_20150522_001321 IMG_20150522_001404 IMG_20150522_001413 IMG_20150522_001421 IMG_20150522_001429


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