Super Dungeon Explore set 1 finished

Finished the first set of miniatures from Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King!


I’m very happy with how they turned out.

Did my first attempt at non-metallic metal gold on the Questing Knights armour which went well, the pink armour and pink skin was brilliant.

Things I would improve:

  • More practice on NMM to get deeper contrast
  • More contrast on the orange fur of the squirrels
  • Neater layering on the cloak

More pictures below.

IMG_20150518_193452 IMG_20150518_193555 IMG_20150518_193642 IMG_20150518_193816 IMG_20150518_193502 IMG_20150518_193507 IMG_20150518_193513 IMG_20150518_193518 IMG_20150518_193543 IMG_20150518_193602 IMG_20150518_193608 IMG_20150518_193617 IMG_20150518_193650 IMG_20150518_193656 IMG_20150518_193703 IMG_20150518_193713


One thought on “Super Dungeon Explore set 1 finished

  1. Super cool detail on these. Try videoing the making if, create some action/dialogue and see if you can create a Vine for your favorite. Go viral. Make a million 😉


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