Super Dungeon Explore bases

Writing to document the simple way I did the stone bases for Super Dungeon Explore using an airbrush and oil wash.


  1. Primed in black
  2. Sprayed top with off-black (2-1 black to grey)
  3. First highlight on raised paving stones of black grey (2-1 grey to black)
  4. Second highlight on smaller area of grey
  5. Last highlight on spots with light grey
  6. Gloss coat on base
  7. Black oil wash to shade recesses darker using sponge with white spirit to clean off excess from paving stones
  8. Gloss to seal
  9. Matt varnish finish

That may seem like a lot of steps but each can be carried out quickly on multiple bases, making a factory process for doing the bases. The longest part is waiting for the gloss and oil paint to dry.


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