Super Dungeon Explore painting challenge


I’ve bought Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King and I’m challenging myself to paint the entire set in a month. Clock starts now, ending 15th of June.

This is going to be quite tough as there are 58 models in the box, including a lot of highly detailed large ones (which is why I wanted it!).

I’m going to stick to some rules for painting:

  • Use simple 2/3 colour schemes for the duplicate models, no variation out of boredom
  • Non-metallic metals only to match the chibi style
  • Most base coats, shadows and highlights should be done by airbrush for speed
  • Use oil washes for recess shading, this is quicker when done in bulk by avoiding clean up highlighting
  • Paint batches of mini’s with a mix of duplicate small models and one or two nice ones to keep up interest, don’t start a new batch until finished

Already making life hard for myself by removing all the models from their bases. Soda pop miniatures went to all the bother of making their models playable out of the box and I froze/cut them off. Did this as I prefer working with them off their base pinned, plus I didn’t like the small gaps in the bases and wanted to paint the stone paving easier.

Used Milliput putty on the bases, stuffing small amounts into and over the gaps then smoothing with water using my fingers and a brush. Used the back of the scapel to make depressions matching the stonework.




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