Railworker – Malifaux

Posting my first attempt at using airbrush for skin tones and spraying inks, which turned out very well.

Here’s the primed start.

First shaded trousers using a deep black blue, deep blue and light blue via zenithal highlighting.

Then painted the cloth wrap and skin using monster brown.

Highlighted the wrap with white, the skin with skeleton bone then white from above. Sprayed soft tone ink over both to tint exposed areas and shade recesses. Re-highlighted the wrap with white to make it stand out.

Cleaned up the masked edges then base coated the rest and used standard highlights.

For the base I used the following:

  1. Prime grey
  2. Pre-shade recesses with oak brown
  3. Spray desert yellow
  4. Highlight skeleton bone
  5. Spray soft tone ink
  6. Dry brush white
  7. Shade recesses with strong tone and dark tone inks

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