Death marshals 2 – Bases and test flame

Last post I covered my initial priming and zenithal highlight of the marshals, this time want to cover my basing method and test green flame.



I wanted to go for a zombie erupting graveyard with hands and heads coming out of the dirt around the coffin toting marshals. Had an idea for the crouching one to be on top a stone casket opening with zombie arms reaching out, but didn’t have a good box.

Here’s my steps:

  1. Fill in depression in base with milliput epoxy.
  2. Cut various mantic zombie parts and one tombstone, glue to base with pva.
  3. Add some small bits of cork for extra texture (bigger base material goes before small like sand).
  4. Mix sand and pva to and brush on around zombie parts for raised dirt and covering join to base.
  5. Brush on more pva in areas not already covered or where model will cover, add sand.
  6. When dry, gently dab sand and cork with watered down pva by soft brush to seal and fix to base.
  7. Prime in black.
  8. Base with dark dark red.
  9. Dry brush light brown.
  10. Dry brush light brown mixed with bone.
  11. Paint zombie parts necrotic flesh, washed in brown and highlighted with bone.

Test green flame

Tried out my flame method on a single model first, used the approach described best here, going darker green the further from the flame source. Using an airbrush as it gives lovely blending effect and wanted to try spraying ink. I’ve used this for normal coloured flame before for the Malifaux Purifying Flame model.

  1. Mask surrounding area with blue tac.
  2. Base coat flaming area in white.
  3. Spray thinned green tone ink over area, tinting area light green and stronger in some recesses.
  4. Spray tips of flames a dark green.
  5. Spray gloss varnish (I use Pledge with future shine) to protect flame and slick the area for an oil wash of white into specific recesses.
  6. Use white oil paint thinned with white spirit in eyes and base of flames to make the flames look brighter near the source and really pop out the contrasts (not pictured).
  7. Brush on matt varnish to seal oil paint and remove gloss.

OSL will be done last, when the rest of the detail in the model has been picked out.

IMG_20140829_001651 IMG_20140829_001623

Next step is base coating other colours, the smaller flames and doing the metallics.


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