Death marshals 1 – Starting out

Started a new project, Malifaux Death Marshals.


Assembly was easy enough and the models are lovely except for the poor low detail flames on the coffins that look like folded cloth.

Going to do the coats black, with green flames and light brown leather for gloves/belts etc to contrast with the darkness and make OSL stand out. Will use red tones in places for a colour contrast as well.

To start I used airbrush to prime in black, then base coated in a dark off black at about 45 degrees and up to leave all but the inner shaded regions coated. Then highlighted with a dark grey about 70 degrees and up, and again with a light grey right at 90.

Then I base coated the coffins in a dark brown and highlighted from above with lighter brown, using blue tac for masking.


Next I will give some detail on the bases and start a test model for the flame effects.


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